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EDONETTE Consulting Kft.

English summary

Edonette is a Hungarian software company specialized in designing and developing .NET based client-server applications, such as:

  • corporate portals (internet and intranet solutions);
  • custom made applications and web interfaces;
  • CMS/CRM systems; and
  • e-commerce webshops.

Edonette applications are proven, customized, easy-to-use, and cost effective solutions with the customers' specific needs in mind.

The team of experienced software engineers also takes on outsourced projects, can work on application integration, website maintenance, and supply IT consulting. Systems developed and built by Edonette are always secure, stable and scalable solutions, planned out in great detail and implemented by the customers' specifications. Once a system is deployed, Edonette will educate and train users to work with it at the customers' location.

Founded in 1996 and a Microsoft Certified Partner since 2002, Edonette has created several large and small systems, including (but not limited to):

  • Microsoft Systems Builder website for Microsoft Hungary;
  • Volkswagen intranet systems for exhibitions management and inventory maintenance;
  • 4Smart job finder website;
  • Erste intranet system for life insurance contracts and data mining.




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